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State of Decay 2's multiplayer zombie survival heading to Steam next year

Will support Xbox Live cross-play.

Developer Undead Labs' multiplayer zombie survival sequel, State of Decay 2, is, after a year and a half of Windows 10 Store exclusivity on PC, heading to Steam early next year.

Originally released in 2018, State of Decay 2 aimed to improve on everything that fans loved about its surprisingly popular forebear. However, according Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell at launch, it frequently struggled to achieve those goals.

"State of Decay 2 is a poor return on the scruffy promise of its predecessor," said Edwin in his review, "It tantalises with the thought of raggedy everyday heroes pooling their myriad talents to survive, only to quantify and busywork all that out of existence."

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However, despite a less-than-stellar critical reception, State of Decay 2 still managed to draw the crowds, with Microsoft's most recent figures, announced in August, revealing the player base to be around 5 million strong. Its continued popularity has enabled Undead Labs to expand and improve on its rocky launch, so Edwin's initial reservations may no longer apply.

Undead Labs is yet to announce a firm release date for State of Decay 2 on Steam, but it has confirmed that Xbox Live cross-play will be supported, enabling up to four co-op pals to band together regardless of whether they're on Steam, Windows 10, or Xbox One.

Additional details will be shared in a special livestream (on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube) next Monday, 25th November, at 11pm UK time/3pm PT.

In the meantime, State of Decay 2's Steam page is now live, so do feel free to admire its soothing blue hues while Undead Labs prepares to reveal more.