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Starfield's new patch adds FOV sliders and "performance improvements"

Still no sign of DLSS support though.

A Starfield screenshot showing a pilot in their spaceship cockpit, mountains visible in the distance through the glass.
Image credit: Bethesda

If Starfield's space travel has been getting you down because you haven't been able tilt your virtual eyeballs far enough apart, then today's your day! The sci-fi RPG's previously promised FOV sliders have arrived - along with some "performance improvements" and a bit of a quest fix - courtesy of Bethesda's latest Starfield patch.

FOV (that's field-of-view if your abbreviation list isn't up-to-date) can now, with the arrival of Starfield's 1.7.36 update, be adjusted in both first- and third-person perspective, and that comes alongside a whopping three additional bullet points in Bethesda's patch notes.

The studio is also touting improved stability for PCs using Intel Arc GPUs, and there are some nebulous "stability and performance improvements" promised for all platforms.

Eurogamer's Ian Higton goes on a space adventure.Watch on YouTube

And finally for today's Starfield update, there's a single quest fix; Bethesda says it's addressed an issue during Echoes of the Past where it was possible for tunnelling creatures to pick a location that would prevent progression.

Today's fleeting patch notes do, of course, mean PC players are still awaiting Bethesda's promised DLSS support for PC, as well as 32:9 ultrawide monitor support, an HDR calibration menu, plus brightness and contrast controls. And, regrettably, the wait continues for those players eagerly anticipating that "Eat" button too.

"Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield," today's update announcement concludes, "and we look forward to a future with you on this journey."

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