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StarCraft II Mac beta next week

Map editor patched in for PC this week.

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The beta test for strategy super-sequel StarCraft II will extend to Apple Macs next week, Shacknews reports.

Before that happens, though, PC beta testers will get to play with the Galaxy Editor, which will allow them to create maps, mods and scenario scripts. The editor will be included in a major new patch that should be released by the end of this week, according to producer Chris Sigaty.

You won't be able to publish your creations yet, however. This feature is planned for the retail release of the game and new platform, with the possibility of even charging money for your mods - with a cut going to Blizzard, naturally.

The Mac beta client will be made available three to four days after the Galaxy Editor patch, Blizzard said.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the first of three planned releases, is due out by the end of June.

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