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Star Wars Squadrons heads to EA Play next month

A good Endor activity.

If you've yet to experience the terror of being chased down by a TIE-Interceptor, well now's your chance, as Star Wars: Squadrons is coming to EA Play - and by extension, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Squadrons is due to arrive on EA Play "sometime in March," although EA is yet to announce a precise date. Motive's space combat game released in October last year, delivering excellent dogfights that are particularly spectacular in VR.

Let's Play Star Wars: Squadrons - MAY THE FOUR HOURS OF GAMEPLAY BE WITH YOU! - Ian's VR CornerWatch on YouTube

Along with Squadrons, EA is also putting a couple more sports games on its subscription service: Madden NFL 21 arrives on 2nd March, while NHL 21 lands sometime in April. If that's your thing.

It's worth noting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can currently only use EA Play on console, as in December Microsoft explained EA Play for Game Pass on PC would be delayed until sometime in 2021. Hopefully that will get sorted soon, as - I may have mentioned it just once or twice before - Squadrons really does excel in VR.