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EA details next-gen enhancements coming to Star Wars: Squadrons, Apex Legends, more

Including Hot Pursuit Remastered and The Sims 4.

With Xbox Series X/S and PS5 both set to begin their long-awaited journeys out into the wild next week, EA has detailed the next-gen enhancements coming to its biggest current-gen titles - including Apex Legends, Star Wars: Squadrons - via backward-compatibility on launch day.

Star Wars: Squadrons will, for instance, support variable refresh rates and offer the choice between better visuals and better performance on Xbox Series X/S. The former mode features an improved lighting model and runs up to 1440p at 60fps on the Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X ramps that up to 2160p at 60fps. Performance Mode, meanwhile, offers 1440p at 120fps and up to 2160p at 120fps respectively. PlayStation 5 will include improved lighting "at the same resolution and framerate as on the PS4 Pro".

The next-gen news is a little brisker for Apex Legends, which will see a "performance boost up to 1440p". EA does note, however, that "more formal enhancements" for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are planned to arrive next year.

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Next up is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered; the Xbox Series X version is said to perform "like it's on an Xbox One X", and Xbox Series S will run the game "like it's on an Xbox One S". Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the PlayStation 5 will run it "like it's on the PlayStation 4 Pro".

Over in The Sims 4, the base game and all of the currently released packs will be available on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 with faster loading times and smoother framerates.

As for EA's big sports titles - UFC 4, NHL 21, Madden NFL 21, and FIFA 21 - all four games will feature improved load times and framerates. EA also says they'll run "as if on an Xbox One X" for Xbox Series X and "like they're on an Xbox One S" for Xbox Series S. Again, the PlayStation 5 will be comparable to PlayStation 4 Pro.

EA has also reiterated that players who buy, or have already bought, Madden NFL 21 or FIFA 21 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be upgraded to the Xbox Series X/S or PS5 version at no extra cost when they release in December. Progress and content in Madden NFL 21's Ultimate Team, The Yard and Franchise modes will transfer between generations, as will that of FIFA 21's Ultimate Team and Volta Football.

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