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Star Wars PS2 Classics now available from PS4 store

Bounty Hunter! Jedi Starfighter! Racer Revenge!

Bored of Star Wars Battlefront? PlayStation 4 owners can now download Star Wars PS2 games Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter and Racer Revenge from the PlayStation Store.

Each game costs £7.99 in the UK.

The trio were previously included with the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 console bundle. Now, they're available separately.

To be clear, these are the same games as released on PS2 and you'll need to buy them again even if you own them already (this isn't back-compatibility).

But there are a few technical improvements, despite the aging visuals still being firmly in place.

Here's Digital Foundry's take:

Cover image for YouTube videoHands-On With PS2 Emulation On PlayStation 4