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Star Wars: Battlefront will feature 12 multiplayer maps

Planet Sullust detailed.

Star Wars: Battlefront will have 12 multiplayer maps, publisher EA has announced.

In a recent blog post about the new planet Sullust, developer DICE noted that "there are even more locations when you include the Star Wars Battlefront Missions".

"Some of the maps support our epic modes like Walker Assault, while others are tailored to more intimate, close quarters combat," DICE added.

The developer also revealed more details about Sullust, including some concept art.

Loosely based on Iceland, Sullust is a bleak volcanic world full of chilly rock formations and bubbling lava buried beneath the surface in some places and forming red hot ravines in others. "It's very barren in a beautiful way," said lead environment artist Andrew Hamilton. "It hints at all the features in our concept and all the content we needed to gather...all the materials, rock shapes and even the lava."

This new, hopefully iconic planet will also have a large Imperial presence as it's home to a mine that's similar in architectural design as the Death Star. "It's all about grounding in reality. Everything needs to look like something you could actually imagine existing," added Hamilton. "That's what we wanted to do with Sullust...make it feel out of this world but like it could actually exist."

Star Wars: Battlefront is due on 17th November on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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