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Star Wars Battlefront patched, Barrage and DL-44 reportedly nerfed

Dagobah Humbug.

Star Wars Battlefront has been patched and Barrage, the rank 24 Star Card ability that lets you fire a volley of three grenades with a short fuse, appears to have been nerfed (weakened).

The patch notes for update 1.03 are vague, but the Battlefront forum and subreddit community report Barrage grenades now taking longer to explode, giving targets more time to run clear.

"Barrage takes SO MUCH LONGER TO BLOW UP IT'S 100 percent USELESS NOW," screeched Battlefront forum member Yotsi. "Even spamming across map Barrage does nothing. They did more then nerf it they killed it."

There are also reports of rank 25 blaster pistol, DL-44, being nerfed. "DL-44 seems a lot weaker," wrote one Battlefront subreddit member. "Was three-shotting people I used to two-shot and they removed what little range it had. Just switched to the SE-14C and it seems better TBH."

The response to the nerfs or tweaks, or however you verbalise them, has been equal parts, 'Why do people cry about things and then DICE listen? It was fine!' to, 'Thank god! They were overpowered and ruining the game.' There's speculation that the Bowcaster, which fires a horizontal spreading line of powerful blaster shots, will be on the nerf-block next. Some people think the only reason it hasn't been singled out is because it's a rank 32 item, and many people don't have it yet.

We weren't able to test Barrage and the DL-44 ourselves because we're not high enough rank. That's embarrassing. The meagre patch notes are as follows - perhaps DICE could issue fuller lists in future?

  • General bug fixes for vehicles and physics improvements
  • Game modes balancing tweaks
  • HUD UI adjustments
  • Audio optimisations
  • General crash and stability fixes
  • Online traffic performance improvements
  • Various text fixes for all languages
  • General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer

Star Wars Battlefront's free Battle of Jakku DLC arrives today for people who pre-ordered game. It arrives for everyone else 8th December.

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