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SSX multiplayer, Freeride modes live in new patch


SSX's new simultaneous multiplayer mode has just gone live in a new patch.

Sony confirmed its release in a post on the official EU PlayStation forum.

The previously-teased multiplayer option is titled 3-2-1-GO!. Yes, really. It allows for up to five players to ride simultaneously in Trick It and Race It heats.

Race It events see players rushing to the finish line, while Trick It events involve posting the highest score before the time runs out. You'll still need to cross the line though, or face a DNF.

Time amounts vary between tracks, and across Hyper, Standard or Relaxed difficulties.

A new Freeride option has also been included, which offers a rule-free experience with no clock, score or other riders. It's great for exploring the scenery and testing out new routes.