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SpyParty shows off new artwork in motion

Playable in the beta, but only with five characters.

SpyParty developer Chris Hecker has finally revealed what the new art in his asymmetrical multiplayer game will look like in motion.

There is nothing suspicious about the man without a face.

In fact, the new art by former EA/Maxis senior artist John Cimino has even been added to the $15 open beta. Unfortunately, it's not very far along with only five characters fully rendered, so it's only used in a new map entitled Modern that was specifically made to show off the glossier aesthetic. Because not all the animations and objects are complete, this prototype map only lets party goers mingle in a small section of the balcony.

To make up for this limitation, Hecker tweaked the available game modes, though the overall concept remains the same: one player is a spy at a party, while the other is a sniper who can only take one shot and must deduce which party goer is the other player. "I added the option to only enable a single mission on the map, so you can do 'Known 1' or 'Any 1 of 3' game types," Hecker explained of this prototype. "Since there are only five characters, it turns this map into a bit of a Balcony-lite, which is fun."

Hecker also noted that he'd made a tweak to this limited game mode where the sniper can't tell which character is the ambassador i.e. the NPC the Spy needs to bug. "Combining these, you can do "Known 1 Bug Ambassador", where the Spy tries to get away with bugging when the Sniper knows he or she is going to do it, but the Sniper doesn't know which character is the Ambassador!"

Another neat addition Hecker added is a "personal space violator" animation for when the ambassador thinks someone is getting all up in their business for too long. The player will be able to mimic this behaviour as well though. As with all SpyParty animations, they can performed by players and NPCs alike so there are no dead giveaways.

Now watch these stylish new folks hobnob around a gala, ostensibly talking about what a scream that inconspicuous green laser is.

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