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Microsoft unveils Xbox One indie developer self-publishing program

Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox One indie developer self-publishing program.

Microsoft said it met with more than 50 developers to learn what they wanted from a self-publishing program, and ID@Xbox, as it's known, is the result.

Under the new rules, each registered developer will receive two development kits at no cost, and developers will have access to the full power of the console, cloud services, Kinect and the Xbox Live toolset, which includes Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer, Achievements and Gamerscore, among other things.

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SpyParty enters open beta, finally

SpyParty enters open beta, finally

Spend $15 to play today.

Chris Hecker's classic-in-the-making asymmetrical multiplayer game SpyParty has finally entered open beta after being in closed beta for over two years.

During this time last year, the wait list was 14,000 long, but as of today you can spend $15 and hop into the beta in a matter of minutes. As future versions of the game are released, these will be accessible at no extra charge.

For the uninitiated, SpyParty has been a big hit at various conventions over the years, such as PAX and EVO.

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SpyParty debuts new, prettier cast

Former Maxis artist breathes new life into bourgeois partygoers.

Asymmetrical multiplayer title SpyParty is getting all new character art by former EA/Maxis senior artist John Cimino.

SpyParty early-access beta costs $15

SpyParty early-access beta costs $15

Sign up now if you're OK to pay.

Chris Hecker's indie game SpyParty is ready to test - but he wants you to pay for the privilege.

So only put your name down for the early-access beta if you're prepared to pay $15.

That sum covers the cost of the finished game when it is released on PC, mind you, so you won't have to fork out again. And hey, it worked for Minecraft.

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Hecker: I stand by my Wii is s*** rant

But journalists need to get their act together.

Chris Hecker, the developer behind 2007's infamous "the Wii is sh*t" rant, has for the first time revealed the true extent of the impact his comments have had on his career.