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SpyParty enters open beta, finally

Spend $15 to play today.

Chris Hecker's classic-in-the-making asymmetrical multiplayer game SpyParty has finally entered open beta after being in closed beta for over two years.

During this time last year, the wait list was 14,000 long, but as of today you can spend $15 and hop into the beta in a matter of minutes. As future versions of the game are released, these will be accessible at no extra charge.

For the uninitiated, SpyParty has been a big hit at various conventions over the years, such as PAX and EVO.

The way it works is that one player acts as a spy trying to carry out a series of objectives at a cocktail party, while the other player is a disembodied sniper, scoping the scene to determine who's the spy before taking their one and only shot. It's a bit like a Turing test in reverse then, with humans trying to act like AIs (which in turn are pretending to be humans. Oy!). It's a lot trickier than it looks.

Hecker noted on the official SpyParty site that he'll be adding more maps and missions later this year, along with spectation and replays. And of course, the snazzy new artwork is still being developed.

Purchase the open beta at SpyParty's official site.

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