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Indie game SpyParty enters the ring at EVO

Over 14,000 on the beta waiting list.

Asymmetric multiplayer title SpyParty is the first game announced as part of fighting game tournament EVO's indie game showcase.

This was revealed on event organizer Shoryuken's official site. SpyParty may seem like a peculiar inclusion, but developer Chris Hecker explained that he was "unbelievably excited to get such an intensely competitive community playing it."

"My goal for SpyParty has always been to make an incredibly deep asymmetric player-skill competitive game, one that focuses on behavior, psychology, perception, and deception…but was the game ready to be dissected by super-hardcore fighting game players?"

"Fighting game players aren't just good at fighters - they're good at games, and breaking down systems, period. They like games that involve psychology, competition, or are just insanely difficult. That sounds exactly like the people I want playing SpyParty!" 

Contest officials are distributing 50 SpyParty beta keys to chosen applicants so they can practice the game before the championship. Otherwise they'll have to wait through a whopping 14,000 person waiting list.

Due to overwhelming response officials have stopped taking applications.

Those chosen for early access will still have to pay $15 for the key since the game is currently in a closed paid beta, but they won't have to wait in line and they'll get a free copy of the final PC game when it's available. No release date has been announced.

EVO 212 will take place from 6th July to 8th July in Paradise, Nevada.