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Get your name in the SpyParty credits

Two-tier early access beta pricing revealed.

Designer Chris Hecker has announced the two ways you can pay to get into the early access beta for eye-catching indie game SpyParty.

Two pricing options are available. $15 gets you access to the SpyParty beta, all the updates that will be issued during the beta and the private beta website. You'll also get the game for free when it launches on PC.

"$15 has become the de facto price point for AAA Indie Games," Hecker wrote on the SpyParty blog, "and it's almost certainly what I'll price the final game at on the various platforms, assuming XBLA, PSN, and Steam are still operating when I ship in 100 years."

"$15 doesn't mean 'budget game', it means 'awesome indie game' now, and that's great for innovation and creativity."

Secondly, you can pay what you want above $50, a tier designed to allow those who want to help Hecker finish SpyParty to do so – and you'll also get your name in the game credits.

"I am quite wary of extrinsic motivators and rewards, so I want people who contribute at this level to do it because they want to help me make a new and different kind of game," he said.

"They are not going to get any badges or stars next to their name in the game or in the forums, or any exclusive gadgets in the game, or a special plaid jacket, or a fancy hat, or anything like that. If you're playing the game, you will have no idea if your opponent paid $15 or $500 for SpyParty; it has been and always will be a pure player-skill game."

The early access beta is still without a release date, but, according to Hecker, "I'm getting closer, really I am!"

SpyParty focuses on the cerebral aspects of being a spy. You'll need to master deception and perception to both fool other posh party goers of your identity while harvesting information about them.