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Spore is six months away

Seedy duplication soon.

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Will Wright has said that Spore is about six months away from release on PC, suggesting that Maxis' ambitious life sim is on track to launch in line with publisher Electronic Arts' most recent estimate of early fiscal 2009.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live in comments reported the day after he collected his BAFTA Fellowship Award for a lifetime of being wicked, Wright said that the game would be "roughly available in six months time", and is currently undergoing "extensive testing".

Spore, which we previewed at Games Convention, sees players design and then nurture their own life-forms through various stages of evolution, beginning at the very origins of life and eventually journeying across space. Speaking at the Leipzig trade show in August, Maxis' Patrick Buechener hinted that the developer's attention would turn to console ports once the long-awaited PC version is released.

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