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Spore slips to 2008

Expected in spring.

A financial paper from EA has revealed that Spore has slipped out of fiscal 2008, meaning that we won't see it until at least next April.

However, big cheese John Riccitiello was close at hand to promise Spore's release almost immediately as soon as fiscal 2009 begins.

"Spore is a title we have enormous confidence in," he told analysts. "I've had the chance to review the title three times in my short return to the EA and it looks fantastic."

"I will also tell you that its release will be right up [to] the bubble in Q4 [of fiscal '08], if not sometime in early fiscal '09 so we don't feel comfortable in forecasting it."

Spore is the brainchild of Sims creator Will Wright. It lets you define and control life from its single-celled beginnings right up to thinking beings venturing into space.

A DS version is being developed alongside the PC game, although no mention was made of its progress.

Head over to our Spore gamepage to see why the game has everyone and their evolutionary dog excited.

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