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Spiritfarer's final update arrives free next week

UPDATE: As game sails past 1m.

UPDATE 13/12/21: The wonderful Spiritfarer has now sold 1m copies, developer Thunder Lotus has said. The milestone was announced today, as the game's biggest and final free update arrives.

As of today, Spiritfarer has been updated to its all-encompassing Farewell Edition, which includes all free updates and DLC released so far. Today brings two new spirits to your ship plus a number of other additions - all detailed in our original story below.

Cover image for YouTube videoSpiritfarer Jackie & Daria Update Trailer (ESRB)

ORIGINAL STORY 6/12/21: Spiritfarer will get its final slice of extra content next week, in the shape of its free Jackie and Daria Update.

Look for it next Monday, 13th December, wherever you own the game - PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox (including Game Pass) or Stadia.

In a press release today, creative director Nicolas Guérin said the new additions were a "curtain call" for everyone's favourite cosy management game about dying - and that the team had "saved the best for last".

The update adds a new island with a dilapidated hospital in need of repair. It's there heroine Stella will find a final pair of new spirits to aid.

A final platforming event and new upgrades for your ferry are also included.

"The team was unanimous in their desire to make the game's final update something special, and I feel they've really pulled out all the stops here," Guérin said.

"The Jackie and Daria Update is a lovely curtain call for Spiritfarer as well as a great show of gratitude to the fans who've supported us since the day we announced the project. We hope they enjoy taking one final voyage with us!"

"By marrying Metroidvania, management sim and a good dose of kindness, Spiritfarer manages to feel simultaneously familiar and refreshing," Malindy wrote, recommending the game in Eurogamer's Spiritfarer review.