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Spider-Man: Miles Morales glitch transforming players into web-slinging wheelie bins

And lamps and bricks and boxes and...

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is, I'm sure, great for all the right, normal reasons, but it's currently also great for some wrong ones too, thanks to a mysterious glitch that's transforming players into sentient crime-fighting wheelie bins, lamps, and more.

It's not entirely clear what's triggering the glitch at present, but players - as detailed exhaustively over at Polygon - have been delighting the internet by posting videos of their sudden transformation into web-slinging not-so-inanimate everyday objects to social media since Miles Morales' US launch last week.

The results are wonderfully absurd, with one player's surprise evolution into a wheelie bin made even more delightful by the ensuing video of that wheelie bin merrily web-slinging its way across the Manhattan skyline. Another can be seen engaged in a particularly visceral brawl, pitting villain against mildly irate home furniture.

It goes on, of course; there are incongruously airborne bricks, cardboard boxes, and even a full-sized dumpster, while another player shared a shot of themselves gadding about town in the guise of a streetlamp. And if you're ever wanted to see a refrigerator navigate the rooftops with a nimbleness not usually associated with major kitchen appliances, there's a video for that too.

Cover image for YouTube videospider-fridge

Insomniac hasn't yet commented Spider-Man: Miles Morales' glitch, but I'm very much hoping the developer can find a way to commemorate its unintended brilliance in a more permanent capacity. It'd be a shame to see it go the hazily remembered way of my personal favourite, and long-gone, video game glitch: Red Dead Redemption's hybrid animal-human horrors.