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Spellborn's 09 update plans revealed

First patch coming this month.

The developer of European MMO The Chronicles of Spellborn has announced its plans for updating the game in its first year, starting with the first major content update at the end of January.

By that time Spellborn should have launched in the UK and US, under the auspices of publisher Acclaim The update will introduce a tutorial to better explain some of the game's stranger concepts, like its rotating skill deck. There will also be a new dungeon called Exarchyon for level 20 to 25 players, unique monsters called Menaces, some new quests and big fixes.

In the medium term, Spellborn (the name of the developer as well as the game) hopes to introduce unranked arena matches for player-versus-player fans, and a market for trading. Ranked PVP arenas will follow later.

Guild alliances and player mounts are among the features planned for further down the road.

We thought Spellborn showed plenty of innovation and promise when we reviewed it at European launch last year, so we'll be watching it with interest.