The Chronicles of Spellborn

Key events

Chronicles of Spellborn shutting down

At the end of the month.

Spellborn MMO to go free-to-play

"Re-development" for relaunch in 2010.

Spellborn's 09 update plans revealed

First patch coming this month.

The Chronicles of Spellborn

Humble origins.

Chronicles of Spellborn launches - sort of

UK won't get the Euro MMO until January.

The Chronicles of Spellborn

A dodgy new MMO. In a good way.

Spellborn to have free starter zone

After that, it's subscription-only.

Chronicles of Spellborn dated

Dutch MMO hot on the Lich King's heels.

Chronicles of Spellborn delayed

But US release looking more likely.

Chronicles of Spellborn due in spring

Open beta testing to begin soon.