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Spartans won't floss in Halo Infinite

Move it, soldier.

Halo Infinite has discussed its approach to the game's battle pass, telling players not to expect silly dances in the game.

Infinite's multiplayer is free-to-play supported by a seasonal $10 battle pass. It launches alongside the campaign on 8th December.

While the battle pass will contain a raft of cosmetics to earn, don't expect dances for your Spartan.

"We struggled a lot with dance moves for spartans," Halo Infinite head of design Jerry Hook told IGN.

"We feel that more traditional players would reject Master Chief flossing. However, [Personal] AI can go crazy. AI can do what it wants to do. That way you can preserve the militaristic feel without having to break what you would consider canon. Unless of course Joseph [Staten, lead writer] makes up a whole new story about dancing Master Chief, but until that happens, [we have Personal AI]."

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Of course, Master Chief does all the silly video game dances in Fortnite:

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While out of character emotes were a step too far for Infinite, 343 will release unique cosmetics that do not make sense within the Halo canon. One example of this is the Yoroi samurai armour. These sorts of cosmetics will be released via the recurring Fracture event.

This shouldn't come as a surprise - 343 recently released Viking and gladiator armour for Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer, and in doing so gave players their first taste of new "alternate universe" armour skins.

In the IGN interview, Hook said the Infinite team took notice of what the MCC team was doing with these cosmetics - and looked out for the community response as it worked out what to release as part of the Fracture event.

"Multiplayer spartans aren't Master Chief," Hook said. "Occasionally they have bright colours. Occasionally, you know in Reach, they have a flaming helmet. We want to be very careful about how we treat some of these things and that's one of the reasons we brought The Fracture in as we brought it in. What we're saying with a Fracture is very clearly, 'Hey, this isn't canon. This isn't a Spartan that's fighting the Banished.' "

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What else does the Halo Infinite battle pass contain? Expect death effects as well as new armour effects. And there are armour kits to earn. These kits are used to unlock the ability to look exactly like a member of Noble Team from Halo Reach, for example.

343 has spoken before to say Halo Infinite's battle passes do not expire - a wonderful idea that should help combat the dreaded Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) that comes with most battle passes these days.

In the IGN interview, 343 confirmed you can only have one battle pass active at a time, which makes sense. The battle pass you choose is the one you gain experience for as you play. However, you can switch to another active battle pass whenever you want.

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