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Space Marine multiplayer revealed

Space Marine vs. Chaos, 8 vs. 8.

THQ and developer Relic have revealed the multiplayer portion of upcoming third-person action game Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

Two factions are available: Space Marines and Chaos Marines. Eight versus eight player matches are possible on five maps using two game modes.

These are Annihilation, which is a standard team-based deathmatch, and Seize the Ground, a team-based mode that revolves around holding areas.

More maps will be added as post-launch downloadable content packs.

There are three classes of marine: Tactical, Devastator and Assault.

Tactical, which players begin the game as, is the most versatile class. As you progress through the 41 levels you unlock the heavy weapon-oriented Devastator and the melee-focused Assault class.

Progression also unlocks new armour, colours, weapons and perks.

Complimenting the multiplayer is a customisation feature which, according to Relic, is deep enough to provide 1.8 billion combinations of marine configuration.

All of the colours in the customisation tool are based on the Citadel paint range, used to paint models for the tabletop game upon which the video game is based.