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Space combat game Strike Suit Zero takes to Kickstarter

Imagine if Transformers turned into spaceships instead of cars.

It's a red letter day for crowdsourced space combat games with the multi-platform Strike Suit Zero taking to Kickstarter the same day as Star Citizen. But that's okay, as Strike Suit Zero looks distinct enough to set it apart from Chris Roberts' Wing Commander successor.

Developed by Born Ready Games, Strike Suit Zero has a greater emphasis on quick, semi-cartoony action over realism, as can be seen by your ability to transform into a Zone of the Enders-esque mech at the touch of a button. This changes the feel of battle from a topsy-turvy dogfight to a more measured third-person shooter in space with side-strafing and everything.

Born Ready may be a new studio, but it's formed out of several ex-doublesix staff and the ship/mech designs are by Junji Okubo, who previously worked on Steel Battalion, Infinite Space, Appleseed: Ex Machina and Viper's Creed. Homeworld composer Paul Ruskay is handling the soundtrack, too.

Born Ready is looking to acquire $100,000 to finish the game, which is already pretty far along in development. In fact, some of you played it at Rezzed I'm sure.

In its first day it's raised $10,643 with 29 days left on the clock before the 17th November deadline.

Everyone who pledges $15 will receive a copy of the game when it comes out tentatively in January, and the first 1000 backers to pledge over $50 will receive early beta access later this year. Additionally, if anyone pledges a whopping $10,000 they'll be able to work with Okubo in designing a ship or mech and get a one-of-a-kind 3D model of it as well.

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