Strike Suit Zero

Key events

Strike Suit Zero spin-off Strike Suit Infinity announced

Plus new mission DLC for Strike Suit Zero.

Strike Suit Zero out 24th January 2013

Kickstarter ends just shy of $175k.

Strike Suit Zero gets Oculus Rift support

"This will really change up the core dogfighting experience."

Assassin's Creed 3 lead designer helps old boss out by pushing Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter past funding goal

UK indie dev boss gave Assassin's designer first job in the industry.

Space combat game Strike Suit Zero takes to Kickstarter

Imagine if Transformers turned into spaceships instead of cars.

EGXEurogamer announces trio of games for Rezzed show

TERA! RaiderZ! Strike Suit Zero!

All Zombies Must Die! release narrowed

Plus, Strike Suit Zero set for mid-2012.