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Strike Suit Zero spin-off Strike Suit Infinity announced

Strike Suit Zero spin-off Strike Suit Infinity announced

Plus new mission DLC for Strike Suit Zero.

Strike Suit Infinity, a score-chasing spin-off from Strike Suit Zero, has been announced by series developer Born Ready Games.

The standalone title offers wave-based challenges and online leaderboards for fans of the original game's space mech combat.

Infinity is due to launch via Steam on 30th April, priced 4.99/€5.99.

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Strike Suit Zero review

I know it's unwise, but this review is being written at a high pitch of fury. If I could erase Strike Suit Zero from existence I would, but as it is I'll settle for removing it from my hard drive and raising a glass as its bytes blink into oblivion. I rarely properly hate games, and have never detested something quite as obviously accomplished as Strike Suit Zero before. Don't let the prettiness fool you; buy this and you might as well peel off your skin and jump in a vinegar bath.

Agony awaits, to the extent that your expression is reduced to a series of inchoate groans and outright screams of rage. This game is so frustrating at times that I was writing totally useless notes like "ARGH I HATE IT". All of its problems come down to design flaws that could probably be easily corrected in a patch, but here they are nevertheless: terrible checkpointing, frequent crashing, a seriously flawed implementation of the central 'transforming' mechanic and escort missions that have given a new name to pain.

Strike Suit Zero's opening sets up the Strike Suit, which transforms your fighter craft into a Gundam-flavoured space robot. The levels before this point are actually quite pleasant, relatively undemanding interstellar cruises, and give you time to admire things like the beautiful user interface. The targeting system is especially neat and comes complete with a tracking guide over quarry that helps with leading your fire.

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Space combat game Strike Suit Zero takes to Kickstarter

Imagine if Transformers turned into spaceships instead of cars.

It's a red letter day for crowdsourced space combat games with the multi-platform Strike Suit Zero taking to Kickstarter the same day as Star Citizen. But that's okay, as Strike Suit Zero looks distinct enough to set it apart from Chris Roberts' Wing Commander successor.

Eurogamer announces trio of games for Rezzed show

Eurogamer announces trio of games for Rezzed show

TERA! RaiderZ! Strike Suit Zero!

Today brings confirmation of a fresh trio of titles playable at Eurogamer's Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show.

Space combat title Strike Suit Zero, from ex-doublesix studio Born Ready, will be playable for the first time anywhere. It's due for launch this year as a downloadable title on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Then there's a world-first hands-on with the latest version of RaiderZ, a free-to-play monster-hunting MMO.

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All Zombies Must Die! release narrowed

Plus, Strike Suit Zero set for mid-2012.

Cartoony top-down shooter All Zombies Must Die! launches on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in December, Guildford-based developer doublesix has revealed.