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Sony's shower of piss advert

Well, we hadn't seen it.

As we get on for Christmas, it's important not only to be subject to one another, but also to embrace some of the things we've neglected in the preceding 12 months. Like Sony's mad advert about a man pissing on his own car.

The basic idea seems to be that some kids spot a rival gang's "ride" sitting unguarded on the side of the road, and one of them hops out and lets rip all across the bonnet and frontside passenger seat. Then it gets even more surreal, and squelchy.

The advert - for Gangs of London on the PlayStation Portable (what else?) - has apparently been around for a while, but we've only just noticed it because we barely use the Internet what with all the terrorism and that. The tagline is, "You've marked your territory... now fight to keep it."

Apparently it was envisaged as some sort of viral ad to encourage 16 to 30 year-olds to play the game, which is largely rubbish in our experience, with the exception of a handful of mini-games you can play in the in-game pub. For more on Gangs of London, read the review.

For more on Sony's weird pissing advert, watch it elsewhere.

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