Gangs of London

PSN: Siren, Gangs of London PSP

Plus echochrome demo, GH3 pack.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network store with Siren: Blood Curse (albeit with slightly rejigged pricing, Gangs of London for PSP and an echochrome demo.

Sony's shower of piss advert

Well, we hadn't seen it.

As we get on for Christmas, it's important not only to be subject to one another, but also to embrace some of the things we've neglected in the preceding 12 months. Like Sony's mad advert about a man pissing on his own car.

Gangs of London

Gangs of London

Let me take you by the hand and shoot you in the face.

So. Gangs of London. Lahndan Taaahn. Time to pepper this review with cockney cliché and a smattering of Dick Van Dyke: Gor blimey gavnah! Stown the bleedin' crows! Up the apples an' pairs, dahn the rab-a-dab-dab. Ah's abaht a stoik'n'kidney poi an' sam jellied eels, 'ey? 'Ello Meery Pahp'ns! Chim Chiminy Chim Chim Chiree Chim Chiroo. Shat it yoo slaaaag!

I know, I know - that's how all the other reviewers will start their reviews too. But Sony started it. Specifically Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studio. They're the ones who've dusted off The Getaway's Cockney Wanker world for an outing on the PSP, dutifully peppering it with characters and settings drawn from a cartoon version of England's capital city, and including plenty of foul language (even, on occasions, the dreaded c-word).

But don't be fooled by the potty-mouthed protagonists into thinking that this is a game for adults. It's not. In fact, in many respects it's idiotic and puerile - lacking the sophisticated humour of similar videogame series, and featuring childishly rudimentary game mechanics. But but, don't be fooled by that last sentence into thinking that it's entirely devoid of intelligence or imagination. It's not. It does have moments of inspiration. And like most moments of inspiration, they all happen down the pub. More of that later though. For now, let's focus on the broken bits. There's a lot to get through.

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Gangs of London leak confirmed

Gangs of London leak confirmed

Sony condemns it; warns that leaked PSP code is incomplete.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK has condemned the leaking of forthcoming PSP title Gangs of London to the internet, after copies of an internal beta of the game appeared on BitTorrent sites overnight.

Speaking to, Sony spokesman David Wilson also warned consumers that the leaked version is incomplete and buggy.

"The version of Gangs Of London that you have brought our attention to here is a pre-production 'preview' version," he revealed. "It is not the complete game and it has anomalies in the code since it hasn't been through our QA process yet."

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Gangs of London for PSP

Who will you decide to 'run with'?

If you thought the endless stream of third-person gangster-themed action adventure games set in a gritty urban environment was finally at an end, think again - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced Gangs of London for the PSP.