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Sony patches DC Universe bugs

New updates fix voice chat, glitches.

A new hotfix for Sony's DC Universe Online MMO goes live today, fixing issues with voice chat and a number of glitches.

The game's voice chat functionality had reportedly been faltering during peak hours, so Sony has updated hardware to smooth things over.

The full list of the other bug fixes made to both the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, revealed on the title's official forum, looks like this:

  • Abilities: Psychic Empowerment now properly restores power.
  • Abilities: Performing a dodge roll will no longer dodge healing abilities.
  • Challenges: Power Girl now drops loot in the level 30 Challenge Mode for Storming the Ivory Tower.
  • Faction Rewards: Villain faction rewards now only require Marks of Allegiance and no longer require an unavailable badge type.
  • Feats: Any feat that requires a specific number of PvP wins should now be granted properly after the correct number of wins.
  • Trait Resets: If you reset traits while in a different shape change form you will no longer remain stuck in that form.
  • Trait Resets: All buffs cast by the player character from abilities granted by traits will now be removed when resetting traits.
  • Trait Resets: Resetting traits with a weapon type equipped that was earned by a trait (i.e. not the weapon type chosen at character create) will no longer continue to give the stats of the equipped weapon with no basic abilities. Now all stats will be removed from equipped weapons for which you do not have the required trait. In this situation, you should have the same basic punching abilities that you get if you unequip your weapon. Purchasing the trait to grant access to that weapon type again will now restore those stats.

According to comments from Sony Online Entertainment community manager Toby Jones earlier this week, players can expect to see more updates soon.

Eurogamer's John Bedford awarded the superhero MMO a middling 6/10 earlier this month, arguing, "PC gamers accustomed to feasts of content and polish will likely feel short-changed from their subscription fee once the initial 30 day rush is over."

Despite the measured response from critics, it seems DC Universe Online has got off to a strong start at retail. Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley recently claimed that it's the division's fastest-selling game ever.