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Sony outlines DC Universe improvements

"We're sensitive to the needs of players."

Sony has pledged to make a raft of improvements to PC and PlayStation 3 subscription MMO DC Universe Online based on player feedback.

The development team behind the recently released game is working on providing gamers with an option to turn the much-maligned profanity filter off. Improvements to server stability and user interface are also in the works.

DCU's ever-present profanity filter has sparked spiralling threads on Sony Online Entertainment's forum packed with requests for an option to turn it off.

"The chat filter is a pet peeve of mine that actually became a very large issue as we got towards launch," Sony Online Entertainment community relations manager Tony Jones told Eurogamer.

"Obviously, something of this size, we were at a point where we can work on the chat filter, or we can work on the PS3 freezing - obviously the chat filter's going to wait.

"There's going to be an option to turn it off and we're working on that."

John Bedford reviewed DC Universe Online for Eurogamer and awarded it 6/10.

"PC gamers accustomed to feasts of content and polish will likely feel short-changed from their subscription fee once the initial 30 day rush is over," he wrote. "And while it may be the best implementation of a console MMO to date, PS3 owners should still ask for more."

According to Sony, more is coming.

"Right now, we're working on server stability, things that keep the game running and going fresh," Jones added. "Things like the UI, they're going to be constantly making tweaks to that - the best part of an MMO, it changes constantly and we're very sensitive to the needs of the players.

"I'm following threads, bringing it to the attention [of people] and saying, 'Hey, they don't like how this works, how that works.' We're not going to be satisfied until we bring the best product that we can to the player and get the best play experience possible."

Jones also discussed the job of dealing with internet forums packed with complaints and requests for improvements.

"A lot of it is perception," he explained. "I can take a 14 page thread and whittle it down to two pages of actual feedback. A lot of people get worked up and sometimes it gets dramatic but it's all good feedback. Everyone's opinion is valid but it's always challenging getting down to those core concepts that need to go back to the development team. It's just part of the job."

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