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Sony details God of War's PC system requirements and platform-specific enhancements

And even throws in a new trailer.

Kratos is making the leap from PlayStation to PC early next year as 2018's acclaimed God of War heads to the platform - and in anticipation of its arrival, Sony has released a new trailer showing the PC version in action, alongside details of the enhancements it'll bring.

God of War 2018, if you're unfamiliar, reunites with Kratos some time after his reckoning with the gods of Olympus. It's all change as the game begins; not only has our protagonist gained a big bushy beard and slightly mellower demeanour in the interim (not to mention, got himself a son), he's swapped the opulence of Ancient Greece for colder climes, living a quieter life in the snow-ravaged realm of the Norse Gods.

Inevitably, things soon go awry and Kratos, with son in tow, is forced to embark on yet another epic adventure - enchanted axe in hand and rowboat paddle at the ready - stretching across God of War's meticulously designed semi open-world, and into at least some of the Nine Realms.

God of War - PC Features Trailer.Watch on YouTube

PC players will get all the good stuff of the original PlayStation game when God of War hits the platform on 14th January, alongside a couple of newly detailed platform-specific enhancements.

There's nothing here you'd necessarily describe as transformative - in keeping with the relatively gentle enhancements previous PlayStation offerings Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn received in the transition to PC - but for those with appropriate GPUs, there's support for Nvidia's DLSS and Reflex technology, plus AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution functionality.

Examples of God of War's PC hardware requirements.

Additionally, God of War on PC promises to deliver a range of frame rate and resolution options, higher resolution shadows, improved screen space reflections, screen space directional occlusion, enhanced ground truth ambient occlusion, and cutting-edged oar rendering technology. Okay, not the last one.

"From the frozen wastes of Helheim with its jagged, icy terrain and ghostly green skies to the lush Lake of Light in Alfheim whose shores are home to exotic plants and crystalline waters," says Sony in its system requirements post on Steam, "the mythical and stunning environments of God of War will shine on PC as you journey through them on your quest."