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Sony denies stealthy TGS conference

Website hint probably in error.

Sony has told Eurogamer that it has no plans to put on a Tokyo Game Show press conference, despite reports to the contrary.

The platform holder's Japanese video website specifically lists "SCEJ Press Conference 10/9".

But while the company is expected to show a number of new titles, two separate sources at Sony Europe have denied it, including one currently in Japan for TGS, who said his colleagues looked baffled when he raised the subject.

CESA, the company that runs the show, also makes no mention of such an event on its website.

Sony had briefed Japanese press about a few items, including the direct PSP Store, which is perhaps what the Sony site listing refers to.

With a number of first-party PS3 titles promised at TGS but as yet unseen, however, there is room for a few more unveilings, if nothing else.

And then tomorrow, the company plans to demonstrate White Knight Story (White Knight Chronicles in Japan) in a product-specific presentation.

So, er, if there is a Sony press conference, it appears Sony forgot to invite the press - or tell its employees. Move along!