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Sons of the Forest has been delayed

Who wood've guessed?

Developer Endnight Games has announced its upcoming game Sons of the Forest has been delayed.

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to Endnight's The Forest, and promises plenty more unnerving gameplay for survival-horror fans. However, this horror-fest will have to wait, as Endnight wants to ensure it delivers the best game to its patrons, and as such has moved its release date back a few months.

Sharing the news on Twitter, the developer wrote: "Over these past few weeks, we have realised that our May 2022 release date for Sons of The Forest was overly ambitious.

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"To be able to deliver our vision of the next step in survival games, we've decided to move our release date to October 2022."

The first game in the series saw players taking on the role of Eric Leblanc, as he searched for his son following a harrowing plane crash deep within a secluded forest. To add yet another element to this already traumatic event, players must subsequently fight off cannibalistic monsters while surviving in the harsh wilds.

In his early access review of The Forest in 2014, Dan Whitehead wrote: "There's no shortage of survival sims on the PC at the moment, but while The Forest explores similar territory, it's forging its own unique path.

"The atmosphere is subtly but noticeably different - scarier, prettier, more concerned with the realistic nuts and bolts of lonely survival than multiplayer mayhem or Minecraft-esque construction.

"It also helps that its enemies aren't bloody zombies and are genuinely unnerving. It's certainly the first game of its type that has made me feel genuinely vulnerable and afraid, which is no mean feat."