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PC and Oculus Rift survival horror The Forest is beautiful and disturbing

Alpha version due before year's end.

Successful Steam Greenlight candidate The Forest will be released in alpha before the end of the year - and there's a second atmospheric trailer below to whet your appetite.

The new footage sums up the game's mood well - its daytime sections are full of walks through nature, felling trees and building log cabins. Lovely.

But then it comes to night, a full-on Blair Witch experience where you'll have to chop up and burn corpses just to shed light on your surroundings.

The Forest first sprung onto our radar back in May, the work of Vancouver-based indie developer Endnight Games (formerly SKS Games) whose team includes special effects artists that worked on Tron Legacy and 300.

You play as the stranded survivor of a plane crash who must turn to nature for surival after being marooned in the wilderness. You'll hunt, plant food, build shelters - and also fend off the things that go bump in the night.

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