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The Forest was Europe's third most-downloaded PS4 game in February following the success of Sons of the Forest

Forest Trunk.

We already knew that Endnight's early access survival horror Sons of the Forest has been a big hit – it almost instantly blew up on Steam, and managed to sell "over two million copies in the first 24 hours" – but now that success is tipping over into its fan-favourite predecessor, too.

As detailed on the PS Blog, predecessor The Forest has seen a spike in player count, too, proving to be a favourite for players on Sony consoles as well as PC.

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Whilst the game has been, admittedly, consistently popular, since the release of Sons of the Forest, the prequel has catapulted back into PlayStation's Top 10 chart. According to Sony, it was the eighth most-downloaded PS4 game in the US/Canada in February, and the third most-downloaded in Europe, with only Minecraft and The Last of Us Part 2 proving more popular.

After "one last" delay for Sons of the Forest late last year, developer Endnight Games announced in early February that the horror would release in Early Access rather than be delayed again.

ICYMI, Sons of the Forest has received its first patch. The Early Access game now includes items such as binoculars and hang gliders, as well as a new mini-boss battle for you to take on. Be careful, though; the shotgun has been nerfed.

"The real magic of Sons of the Forest lies not in base-building or 3D-printing a sled for reasons I've yet to understand, but in the secrets lurking behind boarded-up caverns and underground bunkers," I said in my Sons of the Forest early access overview.