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Four years later, The Forest leaves early access

Knew it wood.

Survival horror game The Forest has finally received its v1.0 full release after spending four years in Steam Early Access.

Today's update includes a "significant re-work for the endgame and a new alternate ending", developer Endnight Games revealed via a new blog.

This isn't the end of the road - there's mention of "heavy" future support, and also a free VR update coming on 22nd May which places your HUD and inventory on an in-game smart watch. You'll also be able to cut trees using motion controls.

The Forest is quintessential survival horror - you craft shelter and traps from the resources around you (mainly, trees), scavenge food and then bunker down at night to fight creepy, clever mutants.

"It helps that its enemies aren't bloody zombies and are genuinely unnerving," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's review of The Forest's early access build all the way back in 2014. "It's certainly the first game of its type that has made me feel genuinely vulnerable and afraid, which is no mean feat."

Here's how it all looked back in 2014:

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And here's the latest official trailer for The Forest's v1.0 release:

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