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Sonic Rush Adventure for DS

SEGA rubber-stamps it.

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Crossing the road this morning is that little blue hedgehog on his jolly little way to star in a new DS game, Sonic Rush Adventure.

SEGA confirmed the news yesterday afternoon, having previously skirted around rumours that the title was in development.

It's a follow-up to Sonic Rush, which appeared on the handheld to a warm round of applause back in 2005.

Once again the majority of the action is in 2D, as our athletic hero zips around levels doing all sorts of hair-raising stunts. However, when you reach the end of a stage and face up against a boss, you'll be thrown into 3D mode, which will span both of the DS screens.

The stylus aims to be put to good use again, particularly when you venture out to sea to battle with Captain Whisker and his hardy pirates - using the touch-screen controls to easily navigate the rolling ocean.

But it isn't just swarthy sea-dogs you'll be running rings around, as you'll also encounter robotic dinosaurs, explore ghost ships and race through mysterious forests.

Hopefully SEGA will also address the rather unforgiving one-hit kills of the original game, and essentially push what was probably the best 2D Sonic offering in a long time into the league of not-to-be-missed.

Head over to our Sonic Rush review for more information.

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