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Some classic games unplayable on PC PlayStation Plus app

While others are missing entirely.

The PC app for PlayStation Plus is displaying some titles incorrectly, making them inaccessible.

PlayStation Plus is available on PC and allows games to be streamed, but the library differs from the console version.

The main issue is that a number of PS1, 2, and 4 games are listed incorrectly as PS3 titles, which do not load at all when selected. Correctly labelled PS3 games do play as intended.

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This includes the likes of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Death Stranding, Jak and Daxter, Tekken 2 and more. In fact, it appears to be affecting all PS1 and PS2 titles.

This was spotted by reddit user Iamafatcupcake and verified by Eurogamer. The below games are all incorrectly labelled as PS3 and do not load.

Death Strand PS Plus PC
Oddworld PS Plus PC
Tekken 2 PS Plus PC
Echocrome PS Plus PC
Jak and Daxter PS Plus PC
Miles Morales PS Plus PC

A number of games are also missing completely from the PC app, including Resident Evil Director's Cut, Devil May Cry 4, Infamous 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more - all of which are available on console.

Iamafatcupcake is making a long list on their reddit post.

What makes the app worse is there is no search function. Instead, it's a Netflix-style grid with an A-Z at the bottom.

Iamafatcupcake is therefore checking each game individually to verify whether it plays on PC. But the lack of search makes the app not user-friendly at all for anyone.

PS Plus launched in the UK and Europe last week, with Sony exceeding the number of games it promised. However, it seems playing on console is by far the better experience.

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