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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cuts Steve's meat

Pork chop.

Steve's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate win animation no longer includes him grabbing hold of a suggestively-placed piece of meat.

Nintendo made the change today in a quickly-released update to the game, coming just a couple of days after Steve's meat-holding went viral online.

Indeed, today's small patch arrives only a week after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's big 9.0 update which added in its Minecraft character DLC.

Update 9.0.1, available now, includes a handful of small bug fixes Nintendo has listed in its official patch notes. All relate to minor issues introduced by Steve and Alex's addition.

Oddly, there's no official mention of Steve's meat being removed. But here is a before and after shot put together by Vooks:

Now, when Steve chomps his meat at the end of a match, the foodstuff disappears entirely. Here's GameXplain with a video of how it looks post-patch:

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