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Steve and Alex from Minecraft hit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on 14th October

Dig in.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Steve and Alex from Minecraft on 14th October.

The announcement was made during a video deep-dive into the new DLC characters, below.

In the video, Smash chief Masahiro Sakurai reveals how Steve and Alex can mine, craft and create blocks in Smash, just as they can in Minecraft. They can use their tools to dig into the ground or walls to mine dirt, wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond - depending on the type of surface. Expect plenty of wood from the Kongo Jungle stage, for example, and iron from the Corneria stage.

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You can use these materials to craft, which is essential because Steve and Alex's tools have limited durability and can break. You have to stand in front of a crafting table, which appears on the stage, to craft something.

The Create Block ability does exactly what it says on the tin. You can then place and stack these blocks to create defensive formations. The blocks use materials, so you'll have to continue to mine throughout a match.

Steve and Alex's final smash is called House of Boom. Here, you summon a giant piston, which sends opponents flying into the House of Boom. There, Minecraft's famous Creepers set off an explosion for massive damage. Here's how it looks.

The new stage is Minecraft World, which includes six different Minecraft-inspired areas. The destructible areas randomly change for each match, and there's a day and night cycle, with zombies and skeletons at night. Expect the music tracks to come from Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, as opposed to Minecraft. That's because the main Minecraft music is soothing and relaxing to inspire creativity, and Smash Bros. is... not like that.

Oh, and if you were wondering, this is what Kirby looks like after eating Steve.

Meanwhile, Nintendo also announced a selection of Creeper, Pig, Diamond Armor, Gil, Bomberman, and Travis Mii Fighter costumes are arriving as paid DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The video below shows them off.

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