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Sinister fishing game Dredge receives March release date

Reel it in next month.

Dredge, the sinister fishing game from Black Salt Games and publisher Team 17, now has a release date.

Players can look forward to dredging up some mystery on 30th March across PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

A new release date trailer, below, shows the game's sombre tone and hints at the sort of alien-like creatures players can expect to fish.

Dredge's reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

Players will explore a collection of remote islands, collecting fish and valuable objects alike for their peculiar denizens. Reinforcing your vessel and developing both skills and knowledge will allow for further exploration into the depths.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Dredge will feature a unique art style and a certain weird, macabre vibe that sets it apart from other indie games.

Dredge is the debut game from Black Salt Games - the team cite Majora's Mask, Hollow Knight, Transistor and Shadow of the Colossus among their favourite games.

Does Dredge float your boat?

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