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Sin City game switches developers

No word on who replaces Transmission.

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Red Mile's upcoming Sin City videogame adaptation is no longer in development at Transmission Games, the publisher has revealed.

Speaking to GameSpot, a spokesperson for Red Mile said that the switch took place "quite a long time ago".

That won't leave Transmission Games out in the cold though, because the developer is hard at work on the multiplatform Heroes Over Europe.

The Unreal Engine 3-based Sin City game has been in development since the middle of 2007, but Red Mile is already shooting for a Christmas 2009 launch on 360, PS3 and Wii.

Back in March, Red Mile's Glenn Wong reportedly said that the plan was to finish the first Sin City game in 18 months "and then turn out a sequel every other year after that".

The Sin City title is based on the graphic novels from which the recent film drew its inspiration, and Wong said his firm had chosen to "create an original story based on the characters from the books which, we think, will make for a longer, deeper videogame experience".

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