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Sims 4 players defy Disney to make Kylo Ren and Rey "woohoo"

Dyad of a broken heart.

It's been only a day since The Sims 4 Star Wars expansion pack Journey to Batuu was released in full, but it sure didn't take long for players to find their way around the DLC's restrictions - and now we have Reylo in the Sims. It's the happy ending we never got in The Rise of Skywalker.

If you're a little outside the Star Wars fandom loop, Reylo is a popular romance theory shipping Kylo Ren and Rey that ended up becoming slightly more official by the end of The Rise of Skywalker. When a Star Wars expansion for the Sims 4 was announced, many players immediately wondered if NPCs like Rey and Kylo would be romanceable in the game, but soon discovered that EA had placed plenty of restrictions on romantic interactions with the characters. Players couldn't flirt with the Star Wars NPCs, while the special Batuu areas to which they are restricted are deliberately devoid of beds. Clearly, Disney didn't want any of its trademark-protected characters rolling around in the galactic hay.

Not to be deterred, players on The Sims' forum immediately started looking for ways around the problem, and found a couple of different solutions. While Rey and Kylo are prevented from romancing each other as NPCs, players uploaded the official EA models to The Sims 4's gallery, meaning anyone can now download the pair as a household and make them move in together, with everything that entails. I had a go at this, and making the pair play-fight was surprisingly wholesome.

Thanks to KamioMax for this important contribution.

The problem with this method, however, is that Kylo loses his helmet, while the characters are technically no longer their authentic NPC versions as they appear on Batuu. The Sims forum member MaggieMarley decided to take things a little further by using third-party software MCCC to edit The Sims 4's code, first discovering a way to make her Sim pregnant with Kylo Ren's baby without removing his special NPC role.

More importantly, she then found that removing a trait called "buff_Batuu_WhitelistSNCP_Kylo" allowed her to perform romance options with the NPC version of Kylo Ren. Naturally, she then used a playable version of Rey to go visit Kylo in Batuu, and carnage ensued. Using cheats she was also able to place a woohoo bush in the First Order base, and Kylo and Rey had some fun while First Order officers watched on in despair.

"I am way too impressed at myself for achieving this," she said of her work.

Simful behaviour.

So, if you were to fast-forward about 20 years from that day, what would the outcome be? MaggieMarley also answered that question, using the playable versions of the models to create Reylo children and age them up. We finally know what Reylo babies would have looked like.

It was probably inevitable that Sims players would find a way around the restrictions, but the speed at which this was achieved is rather impressive. The final hurdle would be to make the two special NPC versions of Rey and Kylo hook up, but it seems work is ongoing in this area. Thank god EA didn't put Palpatine in the expansion - but then, who would want to woohoo with him?

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