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Sierra closing 21 game servers

Mostly old, but fondly remembered.

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Sierra/Vivendi plans to close 21 game servers on 1st November.

Fortunately, these all belong to old titles not yet old enough to be considered retro-cool like stupid plastic sunglasses.

The Sierra site gave no reason for the closures; it could be something to do with the Activision Blizzard merger, or just be because these games are knocking on a bit now.

There's some fond memories there, though.

  • Alien vs Predator 2
  • Arcanum
  • Caesar IV
  • Dark Reign 2
  • Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
  • Empire Earth
  • Empire Earth 2
  • Empire Earth: Age of Conquest
  • Ground Control
  • Ground Control2
  • Homeworld
  • Homeworld: Cataclysm
  • Nolf 2
  • Red Baron
  • Sanity
  • Star Trek: Armada
  • SWAT3: EE
  • The Incredible Machine
  • Tribes 2
  • Vampire

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