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Shovel Knight Dig's "ever-changing chasm of mystery" opens in September

On Steam, Switch, and Apple Arcade.

Spade-wielding platform hero Shovel Knight will be embarking on a brand-new adventure on 23rd September, when Shovel Knight Dig launches for Steam, Switch, and Apple Arcade.

Shovel Knight Dig, a collaboration between Yacht Club Games and UK studio Nitrome, feels like it's been a long time coming, having first been revealed all the way back in 2019 - when Yacht Club explained it would take players deep into an "ever-changing chasm of mystery".

More specifically, it'll pit Shovel Knight against Drill Knight and his digging crew in a quest that'll see adventurers jumping, slashing, and tunnelling their way downward through stages procedurally stitched together from "thousands" of level chunks in a bid to reach the bottom.

Shovel Knight Dig - Release Date Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Along the way, players can unlock new permanent items and upgrades to help with each subsequent attempt by gathering treasure, and Yacht Club promises new knights, new characters, and new enemies as the adventure continues.

Shovel Knight Dig will cost $24.99 (around £21) when it comes to Steam and Switch on 23rd September, and it'll also be available as part of an Apple Arcade subscription on the same day.

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