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Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale locations - where to find all Treasure Carp Scales

All Treasure Carp Scale locations listed.

Treasure Carp Scales are one of Sekiro's most valuable items, but barring a couple early on they're very hard to find.

You're going to want them in the late game though, especially if you're a completionist, or just determined to get the most out of From Software's latest and greatest, so we've outlined all Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale locations for all Treasure Carps in the game, down below.

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Let's Play Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: This Is Gonna Hurt

Sekiro Treasure Carp and Carp Scales explained

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has, unsurprisingly, dozens of items to find hidden in some of the darkest corners of the world. Treasure Carp Scales is one of them, mostly found in the water and given by Carps who will immediately escape if they see you getting closer.

There are 42 of them, and you're going to need a certain ability in order to get them all, along with making it to the final area of the game. Spoilers: Choose to ally with Kuro when the decision arises, otherwise you will be locked out from not only the game itself, but the Fountainhead Palace area.

You can later use the Treasure Carp Scales as currency with an NPC in Hirata Estate to obtain a few key items.

Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale locations - all Carp Scales listed

1. Hirata Estate - Dragonspring Idol: 5x Carp Scales

From the Dragonspring Idol, start moving throughout the trees and you'll find yourself looking at a massive bridge with an enemy carrying a torch. Either kill or ignore him completely, and look at the left side, close to the coast.

There's a big boulder in there. Go around it and you'll see a glowing item. There's your first Treasure Carp Scale.

Now, it's time to swim. Go across the lake and past the bridge, and kill all fish that come to your way. You only need to do a quick sword slash and that would be it, the item will be picked up automatically.

There are four of them as you make your way until seeing a blue barrel. It will talk to you, but don't fret, it's a friendly NPC. In fact, it's a merchant that sells some very important items, only in exchange of Treasure Carp Scales.

2. Hirata Estate - Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol: 2x Carp Scales

There are two here in the lake near the Idol, but one requires that you had acquired the Mibu Breathing Technique from the Corrupted Monk already. If you're still early on in Sekiro, don't be afraid to leave this for when you progress past that point in the story.

As you as you see the first grapple prompt, get yourself up there and keep going until you see a lake. Jump, and automatically start diving. There's your first fish.

Now, keep going to the right side, you'll notice a closed stream. The second fish is just laying there. Enjoy your two new Treasure Carp Scales.

3. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Temple Grounds Idol: 2x Carp Scales

Walk a bit further from the Idol and look past the buildings below you for a pool of water. For this one, just jump in and kill the fish for two Treasure Carp Scales.

4. Ashina Depths - Mibu Village Idol: 3x Carp Scales

From the Idol, you'll notice a tent right across the river. Get close and you'll see the prompt to talk to the merchant. Along with a bunch of other goodies, he also sells x2 Treasure Carp Scales for the price of 500 Sen each.

But that's not all. If you follow the river right from the tent you'll come across a tough enemy. Beat him, and you'll be rewarded with one more Treasure Carp Scale.

5. Ashina Depths - Water Mill Idol: 1x Carp Scale

The water mill is right at the left side of the Idol, so just head towards there and jump into the water. Start swimming up stream and use your Mibu Breathing Technique to dive. You'll see a fish, who will gladly give you a Treasure Carp Scale after killing it.

6. Sunken Valley - Gun Fort Idol: 3x Carp Scales

This one is really straightforward. Head towards the main area by just going straight, and once you get to the bridge, jump into the water.

You'll need to dive once more to kill two fish for two Treasure Carp Scales and loot a glowing item right to the other side for a third Treasure Carp Scale.

7. Ashina Castle - Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol: 2x Carp Scales

You can get here in many ways. Just for reference, it's the lake who is right below the first main bridge in the Ashina Castle area. Using your diving ability, you'll find one Treasure Carp Scale to pick up, and another one from a fish on the other side for a total of two.

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8. Fountainhead Palace - Mibu Manor: 3x Carp Scales

There are three Treasure Carp Scales to pick up from here, and one key item that we'll need for later. First things first, you're gonna want to make your way throughout the manor. Kill all enemies that you cross and perform stealth blows as much as possible so you don't drag too much attention onto yourself.

Get inside, and go through the first corridor. Take a right turn and go to the big area. Keep going until you see a small bridge. From there, keep heading to the other side where you'll see some small walls and an enemy who is just playing its instrument and won't notice you. For reference, there's an altar right beneath it.

Get inside and follow the door. You'll get to another big area, which you will want to get around crouching. Once you step to the first wall, make a left turn and you'll see a hole in the ground. Dive underwater in there.

After you make a move forward, you'll see a glowing item calling you from the surface of another hole in the ground. Get out of the water and you'll find three Treasure Carp Scales along with a chest. Take the Water of the Palace from inside and then warp to the Wedding Cave Door Idol.

9. Ashina Depths - Wedding Cave Door Idol: 5x Carp Scales

Either from here or the Water Mill Idol, go to the house where enemies are gathering in the entrance. Sneak around them and get to the floor beneath by crouching. Start moving and you'll see a prompt to interact with a hidden mechanism. It will automatically take you inside the house.

Talk to the NPC nearby and offer him the Water of the Palace. Now, warp back to the Idol, rest, and repeat the process.

You'll see the NPC has changed to something similar than the enemies from Fountainhead Palace, but don't worry, since it will die very quickly. It can be a hassle, but doing this will grant you with five Treasure Carp Scales. You're welcome.

10. Fountainhead Palace - Flower Viewing Stage Idol: 12x Carp Scales

Surprise, back to underwater diving again. In this massive lake, there's a total of twelve Treasure Carp Scales scattered beneath the surface, seven are from killing Carps and the other five can be found as items.

Right at the start of the lake following the Idol, try to go as deep as possible to find two Carps swimming. Continue onwards and you'll stumble upon an underwater temple of sorts.

There's one more beneath, and you should also make sure to pick up the Precious Bait in there.

From this area, continue until you get across some destroyed houses. You can follow the remnants' trail until you see two more Carps.

Look for a thin space between two rocks towards the sun's direction. Right on the other side there are two more Carps waiting for you.

You can then head back to the main area of the lake. Keep going down until you see the dead body is a giant fish. In there, you'll see two glowing items surrounding a chest.

Remember the area with the wretched houses? Go back there and look for an empty house that has three glowing items inside. Those are the last Treasure Carp Scales of the lake.

11. Fountainhead Palace - Flower Viewing Stage Idol: 4x Carp Scales

Along with the Precious Bait you picked up earlier, keep heading down until you see a giant log in a corner of the lake. It looks like an isolated arm with a glowing item. Pick it up, and you'll obtain the second Precious Bait. From here, either walk or just warp to the Palace Grounds Idol.

Make a run for it through the house and exit from the door on the right turn. Aim towards the Idol and you'll notice a prompt to grapple yourself to the rooftop. Keep heading straight until the next tree branch, and then jump onto the roof in front of it.

Keep going through the stairs of the temple, make a right turn and then jump to the platform below. Those are the Feeding Grounds.

All that's left is to ring the bell and feed the giant fish with two Precious Baits. Once you're finished, go and talk to the NPC. He will give you the last four Treasure Carp Scales.

And that's all 42 done! Head back to our main Sekiro boss walkthrough and guide hub for all our pages like this in one place.

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