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Sekiro Divine Confetti farm route, method and locations - how to get Divine Confetti easily

How to get the precious Divine Confetti for some of Sekiro's trickiest encounters.

Divine Confetti locations are scattered through the world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and it will be pretty much mandatory to pick them up to best prepare for certain enemy encounters.

We've detailed a couple of easy to find, early-game spots to pick it up - but rather than run through a full list of all the game's locations we've opted to explain the best way to repeat an easy Divine Confetti farm route, that's relatively early in the game and pretty simple to use to your advantage.

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Let's Play Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: This Is Gonna Hurt

Sekiro Divine Confetti uses explained

The Divine Confetti item, much like Sekiro's Snap Seeds, is a big help against apparition-type enemies.

When used, a purple glow will appear on Sekiro's weapon, granting the ability to attack ghost-like enemies and, aditionally, if you perform multiple hits whilst the confetti is active then any special effects the enemy has, will be dispelled. In other words, when the confetti's active, be aggressive and get as many hits in as you can!

There are a handful of specific enemies that require the use of Divine Confetti:

  • The Headless mini bosses
  • Corrupted Monk
  • O'Rin of the Water
  • Shichimen Warrior

There are a number of fixed locations where you can find Divine Confetti out in the wild, but rather than noting them all what we've done below is gather a couple of early-game spots where you can find them, and then detail an easy way to farm Divine Confetti not that long into the game, allowing you to collect plenty of the resource without needing to progress to far through.

Note, too, that when you get to the late game and defeat the Corrupted Monk, you'll be able to purchase Divine Confetti in seemingly unlimited quantities for 300 Sen each, from Fujioka the Info Broker at the Dilapidated Temple and Anayama the Peddler at Ashina Outskirts - combine that with the early game spots further below with the early-to-mid-game farm route we've detailed here, and you'll hopefully be sorted for good.

Sekiro Divine Confetti farm method and easy farm route

There's an area not that far into the game that serves as a great spot to farm Divine Confetti. Once you unlock the Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol in the Ashina Castle, there's a route you can follow to try and obtain a rare drop from the blue enemies.

Go up the stairs, crouch and go to the right side of the wall. Once you get inside the room you'll see an enemy walking in the opposite direction. Just follow him for a stealth execution, collect the drop and continue to the next hall.

There are other two blue soldiers in the corridors, along with another enemy that you won't want to alert. The best path here is to stay going towards the first enemy you see, sneak attack him, continue towards the old lady, kill her, and then continue through that corridor until you're facing the entrance to the room on your left.

You'll see another soldier just looking through the window, in a perfect place for a third assassination.

You can then go back and rest in the Idol to repeat the process, or continue going in this last room where you'll see two soldiers, with only one facing towards you. This is optional, but you can use your grappling hook to get into the ceiling, walk around a bit and you'll be inside the closed room from the main hall, where at least five enemies can be found.

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Sekiro Divine Confetti locations in the early game

Here are a couple of early-game spots you can pick up Divine Confetti, too, to get you started:

Ashina Outskirts Divine Confetti location

Right before getting to the Underbridge Valley Sculptor's Idol, you'll be in a large area surrounded by enemies. Look for the big opened door and keep heading straight. You'll see a few statues gathered together around a glowing item. Pick it up and you'll obtain a Divine Confetti.

Hirata Estate Divine Confetti location

By using the Main Hall Idol in the Hirata Estate, you'll enter a couple of areas where you can obtain up to three Divine Confetti.

For the first, just keep progressing from the Idol. Kill the first flaming archer and grapple onto the rooftops on the right as soon as the prompt appears. It's recommended that you stay away from the ledge as possible, and to not stop crouching, since the enemies beneath can spot you quickly.

Keep going until the rooftop ends and fall down. Still crouching, you can now head back hiding yourself in the under floors. Use this for your advantage to get into the hall.

Once inside, you'll start seeing a number of enemies and items to pick up. But the one you're interested is in an empty shelf.

For the other two Divine Confetti, you first need to defeat Juzou the Drunkard. Once that's settled, head into the main hall, head left and follow the corridor until you turn left again; keep in mind there are two enemies in there.

See those markings on the wall right past the glowing item on the right? Hug the wall and a secret room will open.

You'll find several items inside, but look for a room filled with book shelves. Pick the item up and you'll obtain two more Divine Confetti for a total of three in Hirata Estate.

That should get you off to a decent start! Remember to combine these early game spots with the farm route we outlined above and you'll be golden - at least until you've beaten the Corrupted Monk in the late game and unlocked the ability to purchase Divine Confetti repeatedly much later on.