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Speedrunner finishes Sekiro in two hours while blindfolded

Awesome Games Done Quick event also reached new record for donations.

A speedrunner at Awesome Games Done Quick completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in two hours blindfolded.

The speedrun was part of the digital event that raised over $3.4m for Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Not only was this the highest total for a single GDQ event, AGDQ 2022 reached $1m in donations in the shortest amount of time.

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The Sekiro speedrun was done by streamer Mitchriz using only memory and audio cues to guide him, although he previously completed the game in less time.

"I finally did it after the months of grinding. Really happy with this one, and so excited to show off all the new strategies at GDQ," tweeted Mitchriz back in 2021.

Watch on YouTube

The event was also notable for world record breaking speedruns for Kena: Bridge of Spirits (by InsertLogic at 28:35); Pumpkin Jack (by Jaxler at 44:18); and Webbed (by Shadowthepast at 17:21).

Another speedrunner, Olenoname, managed to complete Stardew Valley in just 17 minutes, by tricking the game into gifting the player specific items early on.

The next event from GDQ will be its all-women Frost Fatales speedrunning event from 27th February to 5th March.

Check out all the speedruns on the event YouTube and Twitch pages.

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