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Sekiro Snap Seed locations - all Snap Seeds and how to find and use them

How to find all Snap Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Snap Seed locations are few and far between in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, with the handly little pea pods proving hard to find, at least until you unlock a much more reliable method much later on in the game.

Thankfully their locations are at least fixed, and we've tracked down all of them to round up just below - as well as a quick explainer of what exactly Snap Seeds are, when to use Snap Seeds, and how Snap Seeds work.

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Sekiro Snap Seeds explained - when to use snap seeds, and how do they work?

Snap Seeds are one of the more mysterious items in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is saying something. They are strange little seeds that can be used to dispel illusions. While they are not essential to a successful playthrough, they will definitely mate a couple of the bosses much easier.

It isn't just finding these that is tricky though, knowing when to use them is just as much an enigma. To use this item all you have to do is equip it to your item bar and use the up button on the D-pad. They only affect a small area around you though so make sure you are in range.

Where and when to use Snap Seeds

There are two main places to use the Snap Seeds, both of which are tricky boss fights. The first is Lady Butterfly when she is in her second phase. She will summon illusions to attack you, these can be dispersed by using a Snap Seed when near them. This also lowers the number of ethereal butterflies she sends at you at the end of this attack. Just be aware that using them can leave you open to attacks.

The second main place to use them is against the Corrupted Monk. If you use these near him during the fight you can actually stun him. You can only do this three times though so don't overdo it. Other than that, they work on the other illusory enemies like the ones you find in the Hidden Forest. So, while incredibly specific, you can see just how useful these little seeds can be.

Buying Seeds in the late game

This is very much a late-game option and is therefore not a huge amount of help for your current playthrough. After you have beaten the True Corrupted Monk you will get the Dragons Tally Board. This unlocks extra stock with many of the vendors and allows you to purchase Snap Seeds from them as a result. Feel free to stock up for NG++++++++.

Sekiro Snap Seed locations - all Snap Seeds and where to find them

Snap Seed 1 location

Your first Snap Seed will come from the NPC just before Lady Butterfly at the end of the Hirata Estate, in the building you enter after beating Juzou the Drunkard. Go forward from the Hirata Audience Chamber idol and then talking to him will net you one of these useful vegetables in order to help a little bit against the notoriously difficult fight.

Snap Seeds 2 - 6 location

As you make your way through from the Underbridge Valley Idol and the snake stealth section (this is shortly after the Chained Ogre fight and General Tenzen Yamauchi), you will come to a point where you can hide in a small tent. Do so and then stab the snake when prompted. If you go forwards out of the tent to the higher cliff edge here there will be a bundle of 5 to collect.

Snap Seeds 7 - 9 location

In the room just before the Gun Fort Idol, there are a collection of heavy gunners populating a room with a wooden platform. Clear the room out and this collection of 3 Snap Seeds will be sitting on top of the wooden platform.

Snap Seeds 10 - 12 location

From the Riven Cave Idol go up and outside. Follow the path around until you come to the Buddha Statue. Simply look down and you will see a monkey in front of an item. This is another bundle of 3 Snap Seeds.

Snap Seed 13 location

You can pick up another Snap Seed near the Toxic Memorial Mob at the bottom of the valley. To get to them you can start from the Riven Cave Idol and go outside to the statues. If you then grapple across to the praying Buddha you can jump down into the valley itself.

As you fall you will have access to a few grapple points, mash the grapple button once you are halfway down and you should grapple to a tree that prevents your death. Make your way down to the bottom and look ahead to see a cave with a Memorial Mob in front of it, just before the cave lies another Snap Seed.

Snap Seed 14 location

From the Hidden Forest Idol make your way through and past a well-lit Buddha Statue. Go across the branch ahead and into another wide open area. Far to your left is a huggable wall with a tree to grapple to at the bottom. If you climb the huggable wall there will be a Snap Seed at the top. This one is tricky to see until you've killed off the Mist Noble, so feel free to wait.

That's all of the Snap Seed locations covered - barring the infinite supply you can purchase for new game plus that we mentioned above, of course. Cycle back to our main Sekiro boss guide and walkthrough hub though, for all of our explainers like this in one place.

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