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SEGA unveils Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

Supports balance board, out early 2010.

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Remember that SEGA mystery game teaser site? It turns out that it was for Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, which has just been announced.

It's due out in "early 2010" according to the trailer released alongside it today, in which AiAi can be seen playing around with a balance board, which he quickly discovers can be used to tilt the world.

There's no word on a developer, although SEGA Japan is a safe bet, and the trailer also doesn't mention whether the game requires the balance board to work, although we'd be very surprised if it didn't allow for Wii remote control as an alternative.

Step & Roll is the second Wii Monkey Ball following on from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, which came out alongside the Wii itself in December 2006 in Europe.

SEGA couldn't confirm any more details on the game when we got in touch this afternoon, but we would expect to hear more in the very near future, what with GamesCom taking place around this time next month in Cologne.

Check out the trailer embedded below for Step & Roll's CG unveiling:

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