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See Payday 2 being played the right way

And the wrong way...

Payday: The Heist was a super-promising multiplayer shooter that took the co-op gunplay of Left4Dead and squeezed it into a contemporary, more natural world. Payday 2's hoping to deliver fully on that promise, and every time I've seen it I'm more and more convinced that Overkill really are going to bring home the goods this time round.

Ian was lucky enough to play through one of the sequel's heists, working in tandem with some of the developers to highlight how to execute the perfect plan.

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Oh, and he also managed to show how not to do things in a less than perfect runthrough that shows the kind of messy chaos that Payday 2 can descend into.

Watch on YouTube

Payday 2's heading to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this August, and we'll be looking to bring you plenty more video content in the run-up to its release. You can find that all on Eurogamer's own YouTube channel, innit.

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