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Second Resi on-rails shooter for Wii

Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles surfaces.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The latest issue of Japan's gaming bible Famitsu reveals a new game in the Biohazard (a.k.a. Resident Evil) series for the Wii, called Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles.

As reported by Kotaku, The Darkside Chronicles is an on-rails, light-gun-style shooter in the vein of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. It slots into the series time-line in 1998, sharing the same setting as Resident Evil 2.

A Capcom representative recently promised that Wii owners would be "very happy very soon" with new developments in the Resident Evil universe.

The Darkside Chronicles is currently unconfirmed for release outside Japan, but "new game announcements" are expected at a Resident Evil 5 launch party in San Francisco tomorrow night.

"We have more announcements to make for Resident Evil soon," a Capcom spokesperson told Eurogamer.

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